Software to hide folders on your computer

Find out how to hide folders on your computer protecting your most sensitive information from children, employess or anyone else who uses your computer, including hackers!


Hide Folders & Files On Your Computer

Introducing Data Security Guard, a quick and easy solution for hiding folders and files on your computer, keeping them completely invisible! Start protecting your most sensitive information on your computer today. Hide folders from children, employers or anyone else who uses or might have access to your computer in the future, including hackers.....!

Data Security Guard hides folders so that they can't be seen or accessed by anyone. Sensitive files stay hidden, even if you turn on  "View Hidden Files."  Even links in your recent documents menu won't be visible and stay hidden.

Start keeping your most sensitive information hidden from anyone who has access to your computer. Once installed, hide as many folders as your want.

DSG won't let you accidently hide system files that keeps your computer running smoothly either! You will be prompted if you try to hide an important operating system or windows file.


Stealth Mode

Runs in Stealth Mode and doesn't show up in the applications tab when you press Control-Alt-Delete. Not only that, user has the option to hide the software by removing it from the Add/Remove programs list.

Password Protection

User option to password protect the software. So even if a desktop icon is visible and clicked on, the user will be prompted for the password you chose when setting up the program.

Hot Key Option

This is an advanced feature and here's how it works. Use your keyboard to enter key combinations on your keyboard to show and hide folders. This is a nice feature and the one I use myself!